Top 10 Tourist Attractions in New York City

Hello everyone, for those of you who are looking for tourist attractions in America, especially in New York City, we will provide several tourist destinations in New York City that you must visit.

Here I recommend you the 10 best things to do in New York City.

Here are 10 tourist destinations in New York City that recommends

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Times Square is located in the heart of Manhattan and is one of the busiest pedestrian areas in the world. It is famous for its huge electronic advertisements, creating a real neon atmosphere, and famous theaters, shopping malls and dining venues attract more than 50 million visitors every year.

Times Square gets its name from the New York Times Tower, the headquarters of the New York Times newspaper built in 1904, when the area was the epicenter of New York's social elite. 1904 was also the year that electric advertisements first appeared in the square.

Times Square is also the center of the New York City entertainment industry with the District Broadway Theater and New Years Eve Ball Stage, which is arguably one of the most famous New Years Eve celebrations in the world.


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Liberty illuminates the world or the Statue of Liberty as we know it today is a 151-foot (46 m) tall statue located on Liberty Island in New York Harbor. This statue is a gift of friendship from the French people to the United States in 1886. It represents Libertas, the goddess of liberty in Rome, holding a torch in her right hand and a tablet with the date the United States proclaimed its independence. July 4, 1776, in her left. 

This statue is considered a universal symbol of freedom and democracy. Liberty Island now also houses the new Statue of Liberty Museum, where the original torch is displayed. On nearby Ellis Island, you will find another museum dedicated to the former immigration checkpoint that operated on the island from 1892 to 1954.

If you want to visit the Statue of Liberty or Ellis Island, you must purchase tickets for both destinations as part of the Statue of Liberty National Monument, which includes a cruise on Statue Cruises.


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New York City probably wouldn't be one of the world's major financial centers without Wall Street. Wall Street is the real street, located in the financial district of Manhattan but over the years the word Wall Street became a synonym for American financial markets as the two largest stock exchanges in the world. 

The New York Stock Exchange and the NASDAQ, are both located on Wall Street. The most recognizable building on Wall Street is the New York Stock Exchange building, although there are many other impressive buildings in the area, for example, Federal Hall or Trinity Church.


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The One World Observatory is an observation deck located on the top floor of the One World Trade Center, also called Freedom Tower, the tallest building in North America and the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere. One World Observatory provides stunning views of New York City from 1,250 feet.

You will enter the observatory through an impressive elevator with a virtual delay that reproduces the development of the New York City skyline from the 1,500s to the present, and then descend to the ground to feel like riding a virtual helicopter around the building.

As you enter the observatory, there is a short video presentation of New York and finally, the screen rises and reveals the impressive New York skyline below. The One World Trade Center is the main building of the area known as the World Trade Center complex, rebuilt after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.


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Two neighborhoods that have played an important role in New York's cultural history are Little Italy and Chinatown located in Lower Manhattan. Little Italy or Piccola Italia was once the biggest residence for Italian immigrants. This is a famous meeting place for the mafia, in fact, you can even take a mafia walking tour.

The Godfather movie also took place in Little Italy. Today, Little Italy is still home to some Italian restaurants and cafes, but most of the native Italian population is moving, and Little Italy is shrinking, with Chinatown on the one hand and high-end SoHo on the other. 

However, Little Italy is now a popular spot travel tourist attraction. Chinatown is the largest Chinese settlement in the Western Hemisphere, with approximately 90,000 to 100,000 inhabitants. The area is full of Chinese restaurants, shops, and other cultural organizations.


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New York would not be New York without its unique skyline spanning the island of Manhattan. The Big Apple is home to many unique and world-famous buildings. The Vessel, is one of New York City's newest architectural marvels. This magnificent 16-story building opened in 2019, as part of the Hudson Yards Rebuilding Project, located close to High Line Park.

You can climb this interactive artwork on its spiral staircase and experience New York from a new perspective. The Flatiron Building, completed in 1902 is also referred to as "one of the most iconic skyscrapers in the world". Originally called the Fuller Building, due to its triangular shape and unusual similarity to the iron, the building was eventually renamed Iron. 

The building has been the corporate headquarters of Chrysler until the mid-1950s and is considered to be one of the most influential buildings in the Art Deco architectural style. However, the Chrysler Building was the tallest building for only 11 months, when it was surpassed by another landmark Art Deco skyscraper, the Empire State Building, completed in 1931.

The building gets its name from the nickname for New York– "The Empire State". The Empire State Building is still the 5th tallest skyscraper in the United States and also features an observation deck. 30 Rockefeller Plaza was built in 1933 and is perhaps best known for its NBC headquarters. It is part of the Rockefeller Center, a 19-building center and square built by the Rockefeller family, very popular during the Christmas season for its abundantly decorated Christmas tree. 30 Rockefeller Plaza is home to another observation deck with stunning views of Central Park and Manhattan, nicknamed the "Top of the Rock".


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New York City is home to hundreds of parks and recreational areas offering a great escape from the busy city streets. Here are some of the best parks in New York City:

The High Line

The nearly 1.5-mile-long elevated park, built on former railroad tracks, was redesigned as a living system filled with stunning greenery over New York. You can enter the High Line park through any of the 11 entrances and take a walk, read a book, or just soak in the atmosphere. Here you will also find food, public arts and entertainment areas.

Central Park

The most visited city park in the United States, and perhaps one of the most famous parks in the world. Spread over 843 acres features lakes, meadows, impressive buildings and more. The first area of ​​Central Park was opened to the public in 1858. Already in the 1890s, Central Park was a famous place for ice skating. While this park is located in Manhattan and surrounded by tall buildings and city life, it's hard to believe you're actually in a big city.

Some of the more impressive sights include: Sheep Meadow, a great spot for a picnic, Bethesda's Terrace and Fountain overlooking the Lake, the famous Bow Bridge, featured in many films, forest with scenic walking trails, impressive Belvedere castle, Cleopatra's Needle and other attractions. Central Park is also a very popular recreation area.


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New York City is one of the world's major cultural and artistic centers and home to many museums. So much so that part of Manhattan's 5th avenue, where many famous museums are located, is nicknamed the "Museum Mile". Let's name some of New York's most famous museums: The Guggenheim Museum is the permanent home of Impressionist, Post-Impressionist, Early Modern and contemporary art, as well as several temporary exhibits.

The museum is also known for its outstanding architecture with a central rotunda where art is displayed. So even if impressionism isn't your thing, the building itself, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, is a work of art. MoMA or Museum of Modern Art offers a collection of modern and contemporary art and is also home to film and design shows and shows. The New York Transit Museum in Brooklyn offers an amazing glimpse into the history of New York's complex transit system.

The museum is located in a former subway station and displays a collection of subways from the past to the present.


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Grand Central Terminal is a world-famous commuter rail terminal in Midtown Manhattan. The building also has shops and restaurants spread over several different levels. You may recognize the Main Concourse by its iconic clock in the middle of the film, as it is a popular meeting place.

Due to its impressive Beaux-Arts architecture and central location, Grand Central Terminal, completed in 1913, is one of the ten most visited tourist attractions in the world.


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The Brooklyn Bridge connects Brooklyn and Manhattan, two of New York's five boroughs, across the East River. When it opened to traffic in 1883, it was the largest suspension bridge in the world. The Brooklyn Bridge is 486 meters long and 84 meters high, making it one of New York's top tourist attractions.

Although there used to be a railway line on the bridge, the bridge is now only open to cars, pedestrians and cyclists, and commercial vehicles are prohibited from using the bridge.

These are some of the destinations in New York City that I highly recommend you visit. I hope this article is helpful to all friends who want to go to New York.

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